Army Tank vs RavenCrest Tactical OTF Knife

Army Tank vs RavenCrest Tactical RCT-1 Raven OTF Knife… TANK TOUGH KNIVES!
Really cool some of our Army friends sent us some video clips of them running over one of our knives (wanted to see if they really were “Tank Tough”)… We put all the clips together…hope you guys enjoy!

Happy Halloween To Our Awesome Customers & Fans! We Made You All A “Cheesy” Short Halloween Film…

Happy Halloween from Raven Crest Tactical! Instead of just doing a simple Facebook post this year we decided to try our hand at making a “cheesy” Halloween short film. We did this with VERY LIMITED equipment but had a great time making this for you all. We hope you enjoy! Have a safe, fun and memorable Halloween.

Movie Synopsis:
A college couple decides to have a date night at home just hanging out watching a movie and having popcorn. As they get settled in things start to go bump in the night by the hand of a “psycho” who likes to play games. Our college sweethearts try to track down the source of this craziness but are always one step behind. They soon make the mistake of assuming it was “just nothing” and are soon corrected. In the end the Raven Crest Tactical Nemesis OTF Knife was all that was needed to stop the madness.

Filmed in the style of Blair witch project and other blurry shaky type movies. 😉