Who Is RavenCrest Tactical®

About RavenCrest Tactical®

In the beginning of 2012, RavenCrest Tactical®, a company specializing in hard use tactical knives, was born. RavenCrest Tactical® is the brainchild of three local Arizona knife enthusiasts, entrepreneurs, and best friends, who came together to create something that would forever change the knife world. With over 30 years of combined business experience and martial arts/self-defense knowledge, these three knife pioneers have given one of the world's greatest tools— the knife— a modern makeover.

RavenCrest Tactical® (RCT) is one of the fastest growing companies of its kind! Specializing in OTF (Out The Front) knives, over a quarter million people have enjoyed carrying one of their distinctive, custom knives. Customers hale from all over America to build their own, one of a kind RavenCrest OTF knife— either virtually on their website or in person at the RavenCrest Headquarters, located in Mesa, Arizona. OTF Knife enthusiasts enjoy a totally unique shopping experience and have the option to select their blade styles, finishes, handle colors, graphics, and other custom components to create something that is truly unique and one of kind. Many RavenCrest carriers include high profile celebrities, like Chris Pratt (Jurassic World, Guardians of the Galaxy), to professional athletes. Police, firefighters, emergency responders, security personnel, military, hunters, outdoorsmen, collectors, survival experts, and civilians also enjoy carrying a RavenCrest Tactical® knife. RavenCrest Tactical® has a loyal social media following and has even had their unique knives featured in television shows such as Swamp People, The Deadliest Catch, and others.

“RavenCrest Tactical® stands in a category all its own because we focus on knife customization. We believe every person deserves the opportunity to carry a knife as unique as they are.” Says Derek Jordan, Co-Owner of RavenCrest Tactical®. "When we started RavenCrest years ago knife customization was very costly and the average consumer would be forced to shell out thousands to get what they wanted. For a lot of people, that’s just not in the cards.” Derek says. RavenCrest Tactical® has made their custom OTF knives accessible and affordable to everyone. Add on the fact that RavenCrest Tactical® offers a no questions asked lifetime warranty on all their products. There's no question why this small business is skyrocketing to the top of the knife world!

"We believe the knife is the greatest tool ever created by man. Throughout history knives have helped us survive, perform our jobs and tasks with ease and explore new worlds. Knives make our lives better. Knives save lives. Whether it's a surgeon saving a child or a police officer rescuing someone trapped inside a rolled automobile. Knives truly make our lives better in many ways.” Says Jordan, Co-Owner.

RavenCrest Tactical® offers a safer and more sophisticated tactical knife. “Our RavenCrest OTF Knives are some of the safest, easiest to use and fastest knives on the market today. You never have to touch the blade. The blade of a knife is typically the most dangerous part. The OTF knife takes away that danger because you never have to come in contact with it. Simply push a button and the blade deploys, when finished with your task press the button again and the blade is safely “sheathed” and ready for reuse. Many other pocket styled knives require two hands to open and or close bringing you in contact with the blade.” Says Scot Anderson, Co-Owner.

RavenCrest Tactical® knives are made to be used. “Our knives are better in your pocket than on the shelf. We have adopted the slogan “Tank Tough Knives” because we have literally tortured and abused our knives by demolishing cars in junkyards to hammering them into asphalt, and they just keep going. They’re not invincible but they can take a beating. It allows us and our customers to be confident knowing that when they need their knife it will perform. We even had some Army guys take our knives and run it over a few times with a tank to see if they were truly “tank tough”. They sent us a video of the whole thing and sure enough, the knife worked without any hiccups after being run over." Says Derek.

RavenCrest Tactical® offers a no questions asked lifetime warranty on all of their products. “Our lifetime warranty and customer service are something we take very seriously. We are confident in our product and we value our customers above all else. We are constantly looking for ways to improve and serve our RCT family better.” Says Scot Anderson Co-Owner. RavenCrest Tactical® knives are all hand assembled and inspected on site in Mesa, Arizona by our knife technicians. Each knife goes through a rigorous inspection and testing process before it is packaged and made available for sale.

"Once you start carrying and using your knife you quickly find out how important they really are. You’ll never want to leave home without one.” Says Derek.

About The Owners. How They Got Into Knives…

Derek’s Knife Story...

I got my first pocket knife for Christmas at age 7 it was a classic drop point folding knife with wood inlays. I remember being in awe. I carried that knife with me everywhere I went. I was always opening and closing just to look at it. The knife bug had bitten me. Knives became my passion and somewhat of an obsession. I have been collecting, carrying and designing knives ever since.

Scot’s Knife Story...

When I was eight years old my grandfather and best-friend at the time died of cancer. The last time I saw him he gave me a Barlow pocket knife that his grandfather had given him. My love for knives was birthed from this moment. The next month at the local swap-meet a western bone handle Bowie Knife caught my eye. It was $29.00, which seemed impossible at the time. We were a poor family, and I made just $2.00 a week delivering papers. I saved up for the next 12 weeks for this knife (I used some birthday money). This was the start of my extensive collection of knives. When we started RavenCrest Tactical I told my partners every knife we sold had to be the quality that would make my grandfather proud, we would stand behind our knives 100 percent for the lifetime, just like Barlow Knives did for so many years.

Fun Facts:

  • Derek is a black belt in mixed martial arts and also holds rank in Krav Maga. He has also received professional training with edged weapons and firearms.
  • Scot is a former wrestler.
  • Scot is also a best selling author and speaker