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6 Thousand Years In The Making

From the dawn of civilization, the knife has remained humanity's unwavering ally and oldest tool. Born out of the primal need for survival, its form has transformed from the simplest of stone tools to the marvels of modern engineering we see today. At RavenCrest Tactical, we embody the peak of this storied legacy, delivering unparalleled knife technology.

Our knives are the product of endless dedication to improvement, encapsulating the drive for innovation that has marked human progress. Owning a RavenCrest Tactical knife means more than possessing a mere tool; it means wielding a fragment of history, refined for today's needs.

The Power of Precision

Engineered for the extreme. Fast, fierce, and fail-safe. Your mission, our knife. Conquer every task with confidence.

EdgeGuard Lifetime Warranty

Our industry-leading, 5-star, no-questions-asked lifetime warranty ensures your knife is always covered, no matter the circumstance. Hassle free.

Integrated Safety Features

Should the blade encounter any obstacle during deployment, it automatically disengages for safety.

Personalize Your Knife

Select from diverse blade designs and vibrant hardware colors to craft a RavenCrest OTF that's distinctly yours.

Strength & Reliability

Crafted from robust alloys, CNC-machined 6160 aluminum, and D2 steel, each knife is honed to perfection, ready to tackle whatever your day demands.

Every Day Carry Bliss

Featuring streamlined designs and superior ergonomics, topped with a practical pocket clip, this knife promises easy everyday carry and discreet concealment.

Swift Dual-Action Deployment

One click, your blade springs to readiness. Another click, it retreats securely into its fortress. Effortless readiness, effortless safety

Effortless Ambidextrous Use

Designed for safe, one-handed operation, our knives ensure swift access to your blade whenever urgency calls, for both right and left-handers.


OTF Knife


Fixed Blade


Lifetime Warranty

The EdgeGuard Lifetime Warranty reflects our unwavering dedication to crafting knives that are not only rugged and reliable but also protected against the unexpected. It's our way of showing confidence in our craftsmanship and our commitment to your satisfaction.

Every RavenCrest Tactical knife comes with peace of mind built-in.

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Introducing our best seller: precision-crafted OTF knives designed for ultimate performance and reliability. Explore our range now and experience the pinnacle of quality and functionality.

Titan Bravo

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Recent Reviews

I’m a knife guy, I’ve been a knife geek for as long as I can remember, I’ve had a lot of knives in my hands. I’m also a professional sharpener. I found out about RavenCrest Tactical (RCT) when I was brought a legacy model to sharpen. I was impressed with the quality of construction and materials so I found their website and looked at every page. I now own a Titan Bravo and two Zhanshis. I’ve also held a Titan Alpha and 3 stingers that’ve been purchased for friends and family. I’ve also had experience with support after purchases. Based on my experience with the knives and their support, the ownership experience is second to none. I whole heartedly endorse RCT and their products for anyone that’s looking for a good knife for a much better price and better support than other high quality brands on the market.

William K

I recently ordered one of your rct-1 raven knives (od green, tanto non serrated), and I'll tell you, I couldn't be happier. Before this knife, my edc was a quartermaster that I spent more money on. Upon receiving your knife, and having put it through some work these past weeks (mans gotta test his edc, right?), I would have no qualms with throwing anything that bothers me at it, it is my "panacea", if it were. I will be ordering from you again. I'll also be ordering the d2 blade for this knife as soon as I can.

I know this may not mean much to you, but I don't write companies I purchase from often. I felt compelled in this case.

You guys take it easy. If it comes that way, take it twice.

Josh C.

Just want to send you a message about my recent use of the window break on my Ravencrest RCT-1 Knife!

I'm a police officer in Nashville Tennessee and got a call about a suicidal individual sitting in a parking lot. When we approached the vehicle, the individual attempted to drive off. Once the vehicle was stopped, the person refused to role down the window. I then used the window punch on the glass. It effortlessly shattered the window and allowed us to safely keep this person from taking their own life.

I've watched a lot of officers attempt to break windows out of car with batons and other devices with varied levels of success, but the RCT-1 made it look easy!! Thanks for making a great product! I carry it on me everyday at work and it made a difference in the life of someone who wanted to end it all.


The folks at RavenCrest Tactical are great. They bent over backwards to get our order processed, engraved and shipped and always kept me in the loop as to the status. Received my knife first and put it right to use. If you are spending exorbent amounts of money on the "high enders" like the infidel and various models from microtech...without looking here first. You are doing your wallet a disservice. We punish our gear...and these knives can take it...oh yeah...and if you do something crazy and damage it...because it is a tool and mine won't sit in a glass case....guess what...they will repair or replace it. Amazing customer service and a fantastic product. Thanks James and the rest of the professionals at RavenCrest Tactical...expect more orders in the future from us.

J. R.

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