Not all lifetime warranties are created equal. Make sure you understand the difference.

Many others have tried and failed to emulate our famous Lifetime Warranty. When you purchase a RavenCrest Tactical® knife you not only get a quality tool, you get a no questions asked, no hassle, best in the industry, five star warranty. Don’t be deceived, other “lifetime warranties” will have you jumping through more hoops than a trained circus tiger just to find out that they don’t cover “that”.

Why do we offer the best warranty in the industry?

We stand behind our product and our customers. We’re not trying to make a "quick buck" like so many others. We are working hard at building a legacy of hard use tactical knives. Taking care of our customers comes first. End of story.

Use it. Abuse it. Wear it. Tear it.

No matter what you do or where you go, we got your back. RavenCrest Tactical® knives are tank tough and meant for hard use. Get out there and use your tools with confidence knowing we got you covered.

Lifetime. No questions asked.

We like to keep things simple. When you purchase one of our knives you become part of the family. Family takes care of their own. If you ever need anything with your knife, we’re gonna be here ready to help.

How does it work if I need to have my knife serviced?

Simple. You reach out to us here on our warranty page (form below) it shoots us an immediate response with all the details so we can contact you and make the proper preparations to get your knife serviced. If your knife needs to come back to our shop for a little “spa day” we pay the shipping both ways, so it’s never any cost to you. Once we receive your knife we can usually have it repaired/replaced within 48 hours (or sooner) and get it back home safe and sound. We also offer a refinishing service for your RavenCrest Tactical® OTF knife. If you wish to have your knife handles Cerakote "refinished" we will gladly do that for a small $40 fee.

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