The World's Leader In Out The Front (OTF) Knife Customization

Your Knife. Your Way.

If "stock" isn't your thing no worries... you can build your own custom OTF knife that suits your style. Choose from two of our most popular OTF Knife models.

Select blade styles, handle colors, pocket clip designs & more. Watch your knife change in real time on screen as you make each selection.

When you're happy with your knife, simply add it to cart and checkout. Your custom OTF knife will take an extra 5-7 days to receive because of their special customization requirements.

You ready? Let's get to work on building your own custom OTF knife now!

Build Your Own - RCT-1 Raven OTF Knife

RCT-1 Raven

Classics Never Go Out of Style.
Meet your everyday OTF workhorse.

Build Your Own - Mini RCT-1 Raven OTF Knife

Mini RCT-1 Raven

Small But Mighty.
Can handle just about anything you can throw at it.

Covert Reaver

Lightweight and Elegant
the Covert Reaver is in one word… perfection

Mini Covert Reaver

Lightweight and Elegant
Perfection...Just smaller

Ring Reaver

Lightweight and Elegant
Perfection with a ring

Build Your Own - Zhanshi OTF Knife

Zhànshì (Warrior)

Form Meets Function
Traditional Japanese styling, modern tactical enhancements.

Build Your Own - Mini Zhanshi OTF Knife

Mini Zhànshì (Warrior)

Size Matters.
The perfect EDC OTF knife.

Build Your Own - Titan Bravo OTF Knife

Titan Bravo

No Fluff. No Fuss. Just The Essentials.
Full size without the extra baggage.

Enigma Karambit OTF Knife

Enigma Karambit

The First of Its Kind.
A long standing history of field tested excellence.