OTF vs Car Torture Test Video

We put our Full Size RCT-1 Raven, Mini RCT-1 Raven, Titan Bravo and Spartan OTF Knife Models up against a Chrysler 300 and Dodge Durango. This is by far our hardest and most brutal testing to date we have done. Every OTF Knife performed flawlessly. There are no cuts, no special effects…This is live actual footage. Only one of each knife was used for all testing.

RavenCrest Tactical OTF Knives | Tank Tough


  1. looks crazy cool… too bad I cant afford one.

  2. I got the RCT-1 Raven and I love it don’t travel any we’re with out it, you never know when I need it or put to the test.!!

  3. These are the most badass otf knives ever made!

  4. David or anyone else that says you cant afford one sign in and you will get coupons which bring down the price you cant afford not to have one!

  5. I bought one of these for my husband for Christmas. He absolutely loves it and was so surprised. Now his friends and my 3 brothers want one.

  6. I don’t think I’m ever going to be as happy with a knife as this knife I got today! The sales rep, Joe, who sold the knife to me, had my dad take the knife and press the point of the blade into the table as hard as he could. He then flicked the blade open and shut like nothing had happened. My dad isn’t a weak man either. And I thought I was impressed then… then I got home and watched this video and I was in complete shock! I would expect performance like that out of a fixed blade knife, not a folder and especially not an otf knife. I would also like to take a minute to praise the salesman Joe that sold me this knife. It had to have been one of the best experiences I have ever had with buying a knife and probably shopping for anything in generally. He was incredibly kind and patient, he took the time to show me the knives and made sure I had the one I wanted, not the one he wanted to sell me. Joe was one of the busiest tables at the gun and knife show, but he managed everyone well and made sure they left satisfied. (If they weren’t satisfied it was their own fault) And to top it all off, Joe was able to work his faith into his little pitch to me and my dad. Over all, 11/10 experience and I will 100% recommended this company to anyone looking to buy a knife! Thanks Raven Tactical, keep up the good work!

  7. I love my slime green Raven! This is a wicked cool OTF. I love that Joe could change out the blade to one I wanted, as well as the clip color & glass breaker color!!
    Joe was fantastic, and took GREAT care of me!
    I have been a knife nut for 43 years; and always have a knife on me. This will make an awesome EDC!
    After watching the torture test, I am even MORE impressed with this knife!

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