"I’m a knife guy, I’ve been a knife geek for as long as I can remember, I’ve had a lot of knives in my hands. I’m also a professional sharpener. I found out about RavenCrest Tactical (RCT) when I was brought a legacy model to sharpen. I was impressed with the quality of construction and materials so I found their website and looked at every page. I now own a Titan Bravo and two Zhanshis. I’ve also held a Titan Alpha and 3 stingers that’ve been purchased for friends and family. I’ve also had experience with support after purchases. Based on my experience with the knives and their support, the ownership experience is second to none. I whole heartedly endorse RCT and their products for anyone that’s looking for a good knife for a much better price and better support than other high quality brands on the market."

-William K