Best Tactical Father’s Day Gifts 2018

Best Tactical Father’s Day Gifts 2018:

It is almost Father’s Day, and there is an elephant in the room we all need to acknowledge…… Most people spend far more time and money on Mother’s Day gifts than they do on Father’s Day gifts… Wait, you don’t believe us??!! Well we have compiled just a few examples of bad Father’s Day gift ideas that have been created throughout the years.

The Toupee Visor: No one will ever notice…

Action Jeans: For those fathers whose #1 issue is denim restricting their roundhouse kicks…

The Extra Love Shirt: Not just children buy bad Father’s Day gifts, significant others can also be guilty of this gift giving offense.

Why do these terrible gifts exist? And why do they ever get purchased? We feel it’s because more high quality and unique gifts are either extremely hard to acquire or are priced far out of reach for the average person. Luckily, here at RavenCrest Tactical we have some great options that are assured to “wow” your dad on his special day without breaking your bank or sending you on an Indiana Jone’s missions to acquire….

Below are our top three options we have for your dad on Father’s Day:

Option #1 – Guardian Tactical OTF Knife:

RavenCrest Tactical - Guardian OTF Knife - Select Series

The Guardian OTF Knife is a full size fully automatic double action OTF (out the front) Knife that comes standard with CNC aviation aluminum handles. The all CNC construction of the Guardian makes for a precision fit & finish not only on the exterior of the knife but also on the inside operating components as well. Aviation aluminum is strong, lightweight and elegant in appearance and feel. (READ MORE)

Option #2 – RavenPac Monthly Knife Club :

The RavenPac Knife Club is a monthly subscription service that delivers knives to your door rain or shine every month. The knives you receive have all been hand selected and tested by the owners of RavenCrest Tactical. You will receive a knife (Maybe even a few knives now and then) valued at $25-$50 and beyond. Our goal is to “WOW” you every single month. We focus on bringing you the biggest bang for your buck. (Remember, one lucky “winner” will receive an OTF knife in addition to their regular pac.) (READ MORE AND SIGN UP)

Option #3 – Rewind 2 Balisong (Butterfly Knife) :

The RavenCrest Tactical “Rewind” 2.0 Balisong (Butterfly Knife) is a versatile flipper that’s easy to pick up but hard to put down. The skeletonized handles on the “Rewind” 2.0 keep weight to a minimum while providing tactile grip/feedback in all the right places. This medium weight balisong allows the operator to manipulate the knife fast or slow with pinpoint precision.

“Rewind” 2.0 Balisong Special Features:

  • CNC Skeletonized Stainless Steel Polished Handles
  • Japanese Inspired Two Toned (Stonewash & Satin Finish) “Chisled” Tanto Blade
  • Smooth Bearing System
  • Blue Titanium Spacers
  • Adjustable Latch System
  • Removable Pocket Clip
  • Exclusively Designed By RavenCrest Tactical

If you do not see what you are looking for, please do not hesitate to contact us via our website CLICK HERE FOR WEB CONTACT or call us directly at (480-664-6137) and one of our skilled sales people will help you find the perfect gift for your dad.