Top 5 “Peoples Choice” Christmas Gifts From Raven Crest Tactical 2014….

Looking through our website you can see that we like to offer a wide variety of OTF knives. We are the only OTF knife company that allows you custom build your own OTF knife from top to bottom. We are constantly trying to offer exciting and new designs, colors and finishes. This is part of what separates us from the rest.

All that being said, we know that some of your are “skimmers” and want a Cliff’s Notes version of our product line, so that you can quickly get that special someone that special gift they will never forget.

Look no further, this article is going to go over our Top 5 OTF knives decided by you our customers. This list is based on actual sales, so the #1 knife is the #1 knife that we sell, not the knife we think is #1.

Before we get into which OTF knives are our top sellers, let’s discuss why you should purchase a Raven Crest Tactical OTF knife as a gift.

Top 3 Reasons to Give a RCT OTF as a Gift:

1. A Rare Gift Guaranteed to Impress:

A Raven Crest Tactical OTF knife is not like any other knife that you can find at the big chain stores. Why is that important? Because if you are looking for a special gift that will surprise and impress, then you want that gift to be something that can’t be easily found at your local big box store’s sporting goods section. You would want to find that gift that no one has ever even seen or heard of before. You would want the gift that makes people wonder how you even found out about it. Look no further, that gift is one of our OTF knives.

Now, let me ask you this: Have you ever bought what you thought was the perfect gift but then found out you either paid too much, the person you bought the gift for wasn’t as impressed as you thought they would be, or you didn’t get all you could have for your money? Yep us too, that feeling stinks. But, be assured none of that will not happen with us.

First, most people have never even seen or held one of our OTF knives. So when someone puts one of our OTF knives in their hands for the first time, they get an almost adolescent level of excitement. That is just how well built our OTF knives are, all it takes is putting one in your hand and we guarantee you that you will be impressed. We have seen this effect in men and women of all ages.

Secondly, you don’t have to worry about not getting the right gift, every one of our knives is guaranteed to be the right gift. Our knives come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you aren’t completely blown away by what you receive from us we will refund or replace your purchase.

2. Quality:

Every Raven Crest Tactical OTF knife is made out of high quality materials and is built to be tank tough. Every one of our OTF knives are hand built, quality tested, and hand sharpened in Gilbert, Arizona. We have put these knives through numerous extreme torture tests that prove just how strong and reliable they are. When you pick up and feel one of our knives, you will instantly know that it is a serious tool and not a toy.

3. Warranty and Pricing:

Fact: We have hands down the BEST warranty in the OTF knife market, yet we price our knives much lower than our competition.

Our warranty is a lifetime, no questions asked, full coverage warranty that will cover anything and everything on and in the the knife (except of theft) for the life of the knife. It doesn’t matter what you do to it, or how you do it, we will either fix it or replace it. Forever. No fine print. No questions asked. Guaranteed.

Fact: When you buy one of our OTF knives, you are getting one of the highest quality OTF knives on the market, with the best warranty available on the market, at a price that cannot be matched.

With a Raven Crest Tactical OTF knife you can buy with 100% confidence.

The Top 5 OTF Knives:

#1 – Build Your Own Custom Knife (Click Image to Purchase)


#2 – Full Size Nemesis Serrated Black (Click Image to Purchase)

Raven Crest Tactical Nemesis OTF Knife

#3 – Mini Nemesis Series (Click Images to Purchase)



#4 – Spartan (Click Image to Purchase)


#5 Titan Bravo Serrated (Click Image to Purchase)