RavenPac – 12 Month – Christmas Special – Local AZ Pick Up Only

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If you love knives, you’ll definitely love our Monthly Knife Club Membership.

New knives delivered to your door for the price of a few cups of coffee.

The RavenPac Knife Club is a monthly subscription service that delivers knives to your door rain or shine every month. The knives you receive have all been hand selected and tested by the owners of RavenCrest Tactical. We’re talking folders, fixed blades, exotics, assists, daggers, neck knives, throwing knives…each month you’re going to get something unique that we know you’ll truly enjoy.

RavenPacs ship out on the 15th of each month. This purchase DOES include shipping.

PLEASE NOTE: This is a non-renewable purchase. This will NOT renew at the end of 12 months.

With this purchase, you will RECIEVE A PREVIOUS RAVENPAC KNIFE (mailed within 24-48 hours of purchase date – this is an additional FREE knife.) & GIFT CERTIFICATE (digital download with your receipt) to print and give as a gift.

Please Note: This is for Arizona Local Pick Up Only.

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The world doesn’t need another “subscription service”…so why RavenPac?

Glad you asked…we’re quite a bit different than the other guys.

Here’s how we stand out:

1. Easily Affordable
For the price of a few of those fancy lattes ($9.99 + s/h to be exact), you will receive new knives that will keep you wanting more. Our goal is to make this the best nine bucks you spend all month long!

2. We Do Knives
The RavenPac focuses on bringing you knives. This isn’t a “grab bag” subscription. You know you’re going to get kick a** knives in every RavenPac. Each knife has been handpicked and tested for form, function, and quality. Bottom line: If we wouldn’t use it, it doesn’t make the cut.

3. “Gold Coin” Winners
Each month one of our customers will receive the coveted “Gold Coin”. This challenge coin also comes with a special RavenCrest Tactical knife in addition to your regular monthly subscription knife.

What Kind of Things Can I expect in my RavenPac each month?
You will receive a knife (Maybe even a few knives now and then) valued at $25-$50+ Our goal is to “WOW” you every single month. We focus on bringing you the biggest bang for your buck.

Who is The RavenPac Monthly Knife Club Membership For?
Just about anyone! If you like knives, love knives, use knives, want knives or collect knives this is probably the membership for you.


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